Forging a ring is achievable even for beginners! Our professional craftsmen are here to guide you through the entire process.

A 3-hour Process


Challenge Accepted!

This couple has taken up the challenge to make their rings! Under the guidance of our craftsman Hiromi-san, let's see what we can achieve in just a few hours!

To Sangen-jaya!

MITUBACI Atelier is a 3-minutes walk from Sangen-jaya station (access by train via the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line or the Setagaya line), located on the 4th level of the retro-looking Royal Mansion building.


Consulting with Craftsmen

Before getting started, you will be shown some jewelry samples. After deciding on your designs, you're good to go!

The Making Starts

Lengthening The Metal

An ingot of metal, the very material used to make your ring, will be provided. This ingot will be lengthened out with the metal roller repeatedly—a process known as the "forging method." Applying more pressure to the metal increases its density along with durability, thus ensuring your jewelry to last a lifetime.

30 Minutes In


Engrave on the back of the metal with either metal stamps or machine after it lengthens out into a rod. Do it yourself or exchange with your partner!

1 Hour In


Make your ring metal round with a wooden hammer and a steel ring mandrel. The rounded metal is then further compressed with a bending machine to strengthen its durability. After which, "soldering" takes place, eliminating any gaps or pockets of air between the joints and enclosing the metal to form a ring.

Achieving The Perfect Fit

As you will be trying on the ring during the process, it is indubitable that you will achieve a better fit than when you purchase ready-made rings!

2 Hours In

Filing and Sanding

More tools are used to smoothen the surfaces of your ring.

2 Hours 30 Minutes In

Adding Textures

The ring still has a plain surface at this stage. For those who wish to have a textured ring, this is where hand-hammering comes in. The best part? No two rings have the same texture, so what you own is truly one-of-a-kind!

What's Popular?

The hammered texture is well-loved for its distinctive hand-made element. Every strike carries its unique characteristic, and with that, every ring becomes the one-and-only in the world. Partners also often create textures for each other!

3 Hours In


And your rings are complete and can be put on right away!


Who would've thought that a decent pair of wedding bands can be completed within a day! These rings could just become the talk of the wedding ceremony; not to mention the rings' fine quality and how time-saving the process was in the midst of other wedding preparations. To top it all, this memorable experience, too, will last a lifetime.

What Comes After

Thriving with a diversity of local cuisines and stylish cafés, check out the streets of Sangen-jaya wearing your hand-made jewelry. Alternatively, find out what our staff recommend in our very own cuisine map!

Wedding Rings

今回の費用 ¥138,000 (before tax)

  • 1st Ring
  • Width 3.5mm (¥8,800)
  • Platinum
  • Hammered
  • 2nd Ring
  • Width 2.5mm (¥45,000)
  • 18K Pink Gold
  • Hammered
  • Diamond (+¥5,000)

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