MITUBACI Atelier is a place for all who wish to explore and shape their creativity through jewelry-making. Engage in delightful dialogues with our artisans to learn more about their jobs and the industry.


The Hidden Professionals

Founded half a century ago in Sangen-jaya, Tokyo, the pride of our craftsmanship stems from thoughts put into every ring and continues to flourish along with ever-changing times. Utilizing jewelry-crafting technologies since our founding, artisans who specialize in our custom-made jewelry brand—ADAM—thoughtfully devised programmes for our workshops, assuring that every process is achievable even for beginners. These programmes also ensure that the jewelry crafted are of remarkable quality and long-lasting.

The Brand

"Mitubaci Ring Factory" is one of the branches of FUJIMORI Inc.,—the heart of engagement and wedding jewelry in Sangenjaya. Filled with the aspiration to grant opportunities to those who seek new experiences, the 2nd generation founder and designer of the company, Takashi Fujimori, who studied jewelry design in Florence, Italy, aspires to provide people with quality and intimate experience with Japanese craftsmanship.


 “Mi tu baci” in Italian means “kiss me.” Wherever one may be, MITUBACI aspires to create exquisite and meaningful jewelry that keep fond memories and affections for one's beloved close to their heart.


佐藤 弘美

Hiromi Sato

Hiromi-san is one of the leading artisans who will guide you through workshops. She is amiable and skilled in handling silver jewelry.

from Tokyo Prefecture
Interests: camping, mother of two

松浦 歳嗣

Toshitsugu Matsuura

A veteran craftsman with over 30 years of experience. Matsuura-san may be a man of few words, but he expresses himself through artistry—he loves animals and makes tiny and realistic silver animal charms by hand. He is also in-charge of guiding you through workshops.

from Yamaguchi Prefecture

新藤 研二

Kenji Shindo

Shindo-san specializes in intricate artistry such as hand-carving. His duties require delicacy and a high level of concentration when handling the chisel.

from Saitama Prefecture
Interests: watches, inline skating, cycling, a delicious lunch

眞木 和之

Kazuyuki Maki

Adept at engraving, Maki-san ensures that even handwritten characters and or drawings transfer beautifully onto the inner walls of your ring.

from Tokyo Prefecture
Interests: raising his children, DIY

木川 繁

Shigeru Kigawa

Kigawa-san's forte is in stone-setting. As the name implies, stone-setting is a technique for attaching gemstones to rings. This task requires not only knowledge of metals and materials, but also an understanding of the stones.

from Aomori Prefecture
Interests: watches

藤森 泰蔵

Taizo Fujimori

Channel setting requires precision and Taizo-san is the person for this role. He ensures that the claws that fasten the diamonds in place are secure, rounded, and shiny to enhance the brilliance of the stones further.

from Chiba Prefecture
Interests: going for a drive

鈴木 純

Jun Suzuki

Suzuki-san is the ace in milgrain detailing. It is a delicate process that calls for high concentration and depending on the material and surface texture that goes with milgrain detailing, the rings can give off very different vibes.

from Kanagawa Prefecture
Interests: watching sports games

平野 卓

Suguru Hirano

Hirano-san is skilled at making not only rings but also other original jewelry. He has a flair for handling not only the main materials—gold and platinum, but also aluminium and brass.

from Chiba Prefecture
Interests: ethnic fabric, recycled fabric

原 康之

Yasuyuki Hara

Smooth and reflective surfaces are in good hands of Hara-san, for he is an expert at plain ring finishings. While it may sound simple, filing plain surfaces require experience in handling the files so that they do not leave any scratches, a feat achievable in no time only by professionals.

from Tokyo Prefecture
watching movies, going for a drive


Established: ⠀June 1970
Location: ⠀2-14-10, Sangen-jaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


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